The Red and the Black

INTERNAL: Base Commanders' Eyes Only

Secure IISS Command-Level Communique


On 132-1116, Emperor Strephon Aelia Alkhalikoi was assassinated in the Imperial throne room on Capital by Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian of Dlan. The traitor, claiming the Right of Assassination as justification. The Archduke apparently fled to his homeworld where he had prepared forces in advance to support, by military, political, and economic means, his claim.

The throne has been claimed Lucan, the Emperor’s nephew, who is marshaling Imperial forces to capture the traitor and quell a rebellion before it spreads.

All IISS installations, forces, and assets are to implement War Plan Orange and protect all holdings, trade routes, personnel, and assets to the utmost in order to promote stability and demonstrate the continuance of the Imperium.



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