The Red and the Black

That's odd

in distant orbit within the system

It’d been another long, yet rewarding day on the Drake ranch. Shara had been in Newland for the last few days concluding some contracts with a consortium of off-world buyers, while Cooper had overseen the continued planting of some new crops. The team had helped in all manner of work on and related to the ranch, while also making some contacts of their own among other ranchers and in the world’s few cities.

On 292 of year 1117, Syd picked up on some communications chatter in the system, indicating what seemed like some confusion over the presence of a large ship in distant orbit of Tarsus. The ship identified itself as being with the 2055th Imperial Reserve Fleet, which raised some questions and has become a topic of discussion among merchants, starfarers, and others with connections off-world. Since Reserve Fleets typically only train part-time, it seems odd that a ship assigned to one would suddenly appear in the system to conduct what seem to be benign drills.

The ship, probably an older model cruiser or escort, is near the edge of the system, in the general vicinity of where ships would come out of hyperspace. It’s been there for about a week, and the current scuttlebutt is that it’s made no plans to make planetfall.


Just a note to let everyone know that I did NOT get a notification, but I DID get and read the secret post. :)

That's odd

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That's odd

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