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The Cost of Operating a Ship

I did some more reading about ship operations and have come up with the following, most of which is rules-as-written, with some adjustments for house rules that I think are campaign-appropriate. Everything here is relevant to a Scout/Courier only when it comes to the specific numbers, but the categories of expenses are generally the same for any ship.

  • Standard monthly maintenance – that’s just upkeep…not fuel or food…for a Scout is 3064cr. Since the ship belongs to the IISS and I said that you are required to bring it in annually (actually every 30 jumps or annually, whichever comes first), I’m going to say that some of the annual work is paid for by them, thus cutting down on the monthly portion of that. So, regular maintenance and upkeep will be 2500cr/month. You can go without that, but over time you’ll risk and increasing chance of failure, and the IISS will be pretty angry if you show up without proper records.
  • Life support, water, and other consumables cost 1000cr/stateroom plus 1000cr/person on board. Thus, your total for the Scout, which has four staterooms, is 8000cr/month to make the ship livable and have food.
  • Fuel costs 500cr/ton refined or 100cr/ton unrefined. You have a system to refine fuel, and it can process 40 tons/day. A jump-1 uses 10 tons; jump-2 uses 20 tons. The ship can hold 23 tons of fuel, with the extra 3 being there to run the power plant for other ship’s systems. You can figure out the math there…
  • You can skim oceans and gas giants for hydrogen and refine it yourself, however, since your ship is streamlined and can enter and atmosphere. Thus, depending on where you travel you could get away with spending almost nothing on fuel…depending on where you go and the routes you take.
  • The total cost to keep the ship running and properly maintained is 10,500CR/month.

So…figure out how much it’s going to cost you to make it to Tarsus, and post it in the comments. Think about the best route(s) and how you’re going to afford your trip there.



Total cost per month:
2500 cr/mo for maintenance
7000 cr/mo for consumables
= 9500 cr/mo

Trip time:
~1.5 months

Six jumps:
120 tons of fuel
100 cr/ton or 500 cr/ton
12,000 or 60,000 cr

14,250 credits for maintenance/consumables
+ 12,000/60,000 for fuel
= 26,250/74,250 credits

The Cost of Operating a Ship

Maintenance and life support (category name for food, water, and other consumables) is correct. The fuel cost, for six jumps, is also correct. Remember that you can also avoid fuel costs entirely if you plot a course that enables you to skim from gas giants or oceans and refine it yourself.

The Traveller Map (the one that looks exactly like the paper one I have) offers a route plotting tool. Give it a shot. It’s handy.

The Cost of Operating a Ship

All Jump-2, all with the possibility of “wilderness refueling”:

Spinward Marches 0930

Spinward Marches 1031

Spinward Marches 1232

Spinward Marches 1433

Spinward Marches 1435

Spinward Marches 1337

Spinward Marches 1138

The Cost of Operating a Ship

That’d work, and you’d avoid the red travel zone in 1332.

The Cost of Operating a Ship

As far as funding, we have enough space to take two basic passage, or two medium passage if we sleep in bunks.

We’re travelling six jumps, at two parsecs per jump, for a total of 12 pc. If we cut that into 4 pc “legs”, we can take three sets of two passengers.

At basic passage that equates to:
25,800 cr

or medium passage:
93,000 cr

The Cost of Operating a Ship

You’re not just engineer- you’re the accountant, too.

You’re hired.

The Cost of Operating a Ship

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