The Red and the Black

A Job on Walston
the ship's parked where?

Walston strikes a strange balance between dreary and pleasant, in that it is cold, somewhat barren at first glance, and yet it's clean, quiet, and if one is in search of wide-open spaces, the planet has them in surplus. With a population of only about 3000, spread among a few settlements, the world is at a comfortable TL8, with an economy based in undersea agriculture and some mineral exploitation for off-world sale. The startport is Class-C, which means it's pretty basic, although they do have essential maintenance facilities and they sell refined fuel.

Minister Alan Greener was happy to learn that the party was interested in completing the survey mission the original crew of the Highndry had agreed to, and his offer of 3000CR for the group's work sounded fair, especially with his offer to have the ship topped off with fuel, as well.

The ship, still the property of the IISS, had been formally transferred to the care of (insert Sean's PC's name here) on the conditions that he would repair it with the supplied parts and deliver it for inspection to the Scout base on Flammarion, four parsecs away. The ship would then be refit to current standards and released to its new captain for a one-year period. If all was well in a year, he'd keep the ship – it was a pretty standard agreement.

Greener agreed to loan the team a wheeled explorer vehicle – essentially a beefy, rugged SUV – to enable them to reach the volcano, northwest of the city by about 2-3 days. Once they got it flying they would complete the seismic/planetary survey, taking another day or two, receive their pay and fuel, and ideally be off with the thanks of the local government.


The session ends with the team and their equipment rolling across the empty prairie of Walston, with enough food and water to last a few days, and the vehicle packed, between their own gear and the four cases of repair parts for the ship. We will pick up at the base of the volcano.


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