The Red and the Black

Emenli IIa-54-624V

A long-forgotten site from Tarsan history

The asteroid, being above a certain mass, was catalogued and named, with its designation based on its location in the belt. This made it no more interesting or special alongside the thousands of others listed in the port authority’s navigational database. It was a large, unremarkable rock among many others, unless you happened to be one of the four individuals standing inside the empty, airless hangar staring at the seemingly lifeless escort.

The facility had markings from the Sword Worlds, but not in the form of anything too detailed or formal. Rather, it was an overall design theme and labeling on some junk left behind that stood out, along with the partially-removed hull insignia from the ship, the name of which was not apparent from the outside. The base had been built well, although without much concern for comfort or aesthetics. The stories of a staging location for the 3rd Regiment and its families and others was true, and this was it. There was room in the large hangar for probably 1000 tons of ship, although not likely for a single ship that large. Still, two large transports or a few smaller corvettes or landers would fit together, and the smaller hangar could fit two scout/couriers or a free trader. The inner chambers and corridors looked to be able to hold upwards of 100 or more people at a time, for short periods, and the powerplant was large enough to provide power and life support for all functions of the facility without blackouts.

Obviously a lot of work went into constructing the place; however, it was also clear that most of it was made of prefabricated pieces and segments, which indicated that some greater logistical and organizational authority than a mere regiment had a hand in this. Interesting.

The base, after a cursory exploration and closer look at the life support and power systems, appeared to be entirely intact, and entirely without power and some critical parts to enable start-up and functioning. It would take a closer, longer review to determine what was needed to get things operating again. The ship would require a detailed review, as well, although from the outside it looked intact, despite some open hull plates and what looked like a few missing components.

The HighNDry had enough supplies to renew the air and power packs on the Vacc Suits a few times over, and there were other tools and diagnostic widgets to be had, as well. A more detailed survey of the base and ship were possible, should the time be devoted to it on this trip.

What are your plans? What do you want to do, when, and where? I think we can accomplish a lot over two weeks in regards to the base & ship right here. Let me know.


I think we need to go speak with the Tarsan Government. They’re really the only people we can depend on until we get a clearer picture of the political situation.

Emenli IIa-54-624V

As far as exploration of the base and ship, I’m looking for any computer records and at the ship itself for anything of historical or financial relevance. I took pictures and videos of the base and ship. I found a nice angle for a photo from the base that showed Tarsis in the distance, just because it looked cool. If I could take the insignia or at least a photo for the old man who gave us this info, I’ll do that. I’ll be on the lookout for some sort of physical log book or something for the museum. He deserves something out of this.

Do we wanna do the detailed check on the ship to see if we can get it space worthy again? Having a “fleet” of ships and a base sounds awesome, but may be out of our price/upkeep range. Salvage wise I think we’ve hit a nice lottery.

I’m also keeping a look out on the Imperial ship in the system. When we leave I want to try to “fly casual” from a different exit in the asteroid field if possible. Keep it secret, keep it safe, and stuff.

Emenli IIa-54-624V

The ship will require repairs & refitting, no doubt, but a first walk-around and some good pictures indicate that it’s spaceworthy. A more detailed study of it, including getting inside, is necessary before guessing how what it’ll take to fix it, or what could be parted-out for scrap and sale.

Emerging from another part of the asteroid belt isn’t much of a problem, although it’ll take some time to weave through it so as to appear elsewhere.

As for a nick-nack from the base, no problem – you can pry a plaque off a wall or something like that, or find something else left behind for the museum guy.

Emenli IIa-54-624V

I’m hoping the local government would be grateful enough to throw some cash, equipment, supplies and some good weaponry our way in exchange for a badass Rebel Base/ Watchtower.

Emenli IIa-54-624V

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