The Red and the Black

Problems Solved; Nobbles Harvested

SuSag’s “contractors” were harvesting plant matter that could be easily refined into psi-drugs – the sort that are illegal within the borders of the Imperium, taboo in most of human space in mainstream society, and also very lucrative for sale throughout those same places. Technically legal outside the Imperium – as on Tarsus – public knowledge of SuSag’s operation would not reflect well on the company. The contractors they’d hired, it seemed, had gotten sloppy and greedy, and caring mostly for profits their corporate handlers hadn’t been too interested. Still, the murder of the rancher was not what they’d wanted.

The team forced their hand by hijacking a truck carrying, among other things, a shipment of unrefined psi-compound heading from Evander to Newland. Stopping the truck in the middle of nowhere wasn’t too much trouble, and the three-man crew wasn’t interested in getting shot over cargo. With evidence of the reason behind the swamp operations in hand, Felix and Syd decided to reprogram the sonic stakes in order to push the predators south instead of north, driving them directly into the lands the drug harvesters wanted them out of. Once the chaos began – with only days before the critical nobble hunt – the team dropped in on the planet’s SuSag office and paid a visit to Augustine Derrik, the corporate operative likely in charge of what was going on.

Derrik was not happy about the situation, but appreciated the professionalism with which the team conducted the business, and he eventually agreed to a sizable insurance payout to Shara, as well as a cessation of “bean harvesting” in the swamp to the south of her ranch. In trade the team, and Shara, signed non-disclosure agreements, keeping quiet about what SuSAG was up to in the swamps. Additionally, Derrik assured all involved that the men who’d been arrested for her Shara’s father’s murder would be held accountable and would not be a problem for anyone.

Three days later, after a significant amount of work and well-earned fatigue, the nobble hunt went off well, with the two centuries for which Shara had contracted being harvested, earning her a total of 432,000CR, which was in addition to the payout from SuSAG. Needing extra help, she asked the team to stay on at the ranch for a few months, and offered to pay well for the work.

Thus, almost three months pass. You’ll have an opportunity to increase one skill by one point – your choice, but it needs to make sense given what you were up to for those months. You also can increase one skill that you made regular use of during this first story, by one.

Questions to consider: during this time, what research do you conduct? What news to pay attention to? What other things about Tarsus would draw you attention? Everyone has a player secret, too, and remember that you need to be logged into the OP to be able to read it.

As for money issues, Shara was paid 1,000,000CR by SuSAG through intermediaries, and profited well off the nobble hunt. All your room & board was covered for the time on Tarsus, as well as maintenance and upkeep on the ship. Additionally, each of you (including the ghostly Dr. HP) have banked 15,000CR during this time, made up of money Shara paid you for the nobble hunt and for helping her on the ranch. If there are any other business deals or money-making schemes you’d want to pursue during those months let me know and we can work out what happened.

++++++Guys, this is Syd. We need to get together to discuss something in person- it’s not for broadcast. I figure tomorrow night at Shara’s we can talk privately.

Also, if someone could find a snack that isn’t Nobble Jerky I would pay a premium for it. ++++++



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