Imperial Military Information

Imperial Army
The Imperial Army is organized into Armies, Corps, Divisions, and so on down the line to the lowly squad. Few army installations or camps exist outside of Imperium space; however, there can sometimes be found on protectorate worlds or in areas of recent dispute. For non-aligned areas the Imperium often relies on mercenary units under contract; these are usually made up of former Imperial soldiers.

Imperial Navy
The Imperium’s Navy is organized into sector fleets, numbered fleets, and squadrons. In theory, each sector of Imperium space has a named fleet assigned to it, while in practice some larger, more important sectors have two, and some smaller frontier sectors rely on fleets that cover more than one sector.

Each named fleet – for example, the Domain of Deneb fleet, which covers the Deneb and Spinward Marches sectors – is made up of a collection of numbered fleets, typically one per subsector. Each of these numbered fleets is made up of a certain number of squadrons, to which individual ships are assigned.

Beyond that, numbered fleets are made up of what are called “Regular” squadrons – that is, groups of active service ships. Each named fleet also includes a collection of numbered reserve fleets, usually one per subsector, and those are made up of “Colonial” squadrons – that is, reserve ships. In general, each sector is supposed to have about 1000 ships assigned to it, but this varies in reality.

Fleets are overseen by the Sector duke, and commanded by Imperial Navy officers and staff. Typically a sector’s nobility holds many of the influential and higher-ranking positions throughout the fleet, and it’s common for the scions of the noble families to serve in the Navy.

Imperial Military Information

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